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R e c o r d i n g s

Live Excerpts from Concert and Opera

Ombra Mai Fu - Handel

Roger Isaacs with Musica Florea

Lascia Ch'io Pianga - Handel

Roger Isaacs with Musica Florea

Erbarme Dich - J.S. Bach (Partial) - LIVE CONCERT RECORDING

But Who May Abide (Partial) - G. F. Handel - LIVE RAW CONCERT RECORDING

Lydia - Faure. Partial (Live Concert Recording)

Oberon in Mid Summer Night's Dream

"I Know a place where the wild thyme blows"

"Hark the echoing air" Britten Realizations of Purcell​​

Music for a While - Pre Concert Warm-up

Andrew E. Simpson Piano

Music for a While - Britten - Purcell Realizations

Live Concert Performance

Andrew E. Simpson Piano

I Attempt From Love Sickness To Fly - Britten - Purcell Realizations

Andrew E. Simpson Piano

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